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Many artists consistently oppose political conflict and injustice and are committed to critical positions against a range of issues, from nuclear war to the current crisis in Iraq. However, whilst this has often taken the form of direct actions such as strikes and marches, how has political strife manifested in their own film and video work?

Approaches to the political are as varied as the artists who make them. Often they have been inextricably linked to the experimental processes used by artists, working with a range of materials from drawings and photographs to found footage.

Narrative is also treated in a different way. Rejecting a straightforward reportage of unfolding events, artists have often shown an eclectic and individual approach to constructing their critiques. The very narrative structure of 'neutral' documentary reportage is undermined, for example, as filmmakers steal and reuse those very images from television and film that purport to offer the truth about a political issue.

Artists' film and video offers a diverse picture of some of the most pressing issues facing society, from war and politics in the wider world to social injustices closer to home.



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