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George Barber uses the paintbox effects of video to challenge Warhol's definitive image of Marilyn, in a video which is both a portrait of the star as well as a subversive homage to the pop artist in 101 Pictures That Andy Never Thought Of. Barber is one of many artists who have used the moving image to challenge perceptions of well-known figures and their portrayal in media and film. Harold Offeh's impersonation of Mammy, the archetypal black maid of Gone with the Wind is another example of the way in which artists questions popular representations.. In Peter Gidal's Heads a succession of tightly framed head shots of well known figures from the worlds of art and music are made unfamiliar by Gidal's unflinching close-ups.

Artists have also used film and video to celebrate figures who have achieved an iconic status through their deeds in politics and arts. Isaac Julien's biographical films Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White Mask and Looking for Langston could be seen as a homage to two iconic figures in the history of black consciousness. Jayne Parker's beautifully composed black and white portraits of the body builder Andrulla Blanchette and the trapeze artist Vicki Amedume are rare celebrations of female strength and athleticism. French writer and filmmaker Marguerite Duras, the subject of his film Interview with Marguerite Duras represents for David Lamelas an exemplary form of French intellectualism. In a playful shift between the time frame of the filmmaking process and the gallery experience, the click of a stills camera can be heard in Lamelas' conventional documentary interview with Duras, forewarning of the photographs which would later appear to accompany the film in a Parisenne gallery space.


1001 Colours Andy Never Thought Of

1001 Colours Andy Never Thought Of takes the scratch genre to a postmodern extreme by processing and colouring Andy Warhol's Marilyn prints.

Still from The Nightingale


Clinical subjectivity, a construct; a consciously, precisely set-up situation.

Frantz Fanon

The life and work of the highly influential anti-colonialist writer Franz Fanon.

'Interview' with Marguerite Duras

David Lamelas again creates a work whose point of departure is the site itself.

Being Mammy

'Why should I complain about making $700 a week playing a maid? If I didn't I'd be making $7 a week actually being one.' (Hattie McDaniel).

Strong Women

Strong Women

Two contrasting portraits of magnificently strong women.

Thinking Twice

Thinking Twice features the pianist Katharina Wolpe playing music composed by her father Stefan Wolpe.

Hugh McDiarmid - A portrait

Tait's affectionate portrait of Scotland's great poet


A study of land: a study of work through the seasons.

Alfred Hitchcock

An oblique ode to Hitchcock as a car journey through the part of London where he was born.

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