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On a small scale, there are many examples of collaborations between individuals, as shared ideas and sensibilities provide the starting point for joint film and video works.

Often artists bring different skills to the project, or fulfill different roles. Mike Leggett operates the camera to Ian Breakwell's performance in One (1971), for example, or different artists take turns to film and appear in the same picnic scene in Malcolm Le Grice's After Manet (1974). For William Raban and Chris Welsby a shared interest in landscape prompted their joint double screen film River Yar (1971), and sound artist Graeme Miller and filmmaker John Smith shared a fascination for the discarded music cassettes they found on the streets of London in Lost Sound (1998/2001). In Cut AX (1975) Lis Rhodes and Ian Kerr appear together in their expanded film performance whilst Guy Sherwin's film Mile End Purgatorio (1991) is inspired by the lines of Martin Doyle's poem. The artists Ann Course and Paul Clark often work collaboratively, their creative partnership including powerful works such as the drawn film Black Magic (2002). Friends and fellow filmmakers have often undertaken one-off collaborations, from Ian Bourn and John Smith video installation The Kiss (1999) to Nick Gordon Smith and Andrew Kotting's ode to the vanished lifestyle of gipsy travellers in Diddykoy (1992).

There are also increasing evidence of collaborations outside of established artistic networks, as artists such as Harold Offeh work with community groups not normally perceived as filmmakers. As part of the Mothership Collective project at the South London Gallery, his video Alien Broadcasting Corporation was made with the children of the Charlie Chaplin adventure playground at the Oval, London.

One by Mike Leggett & Ian Breakwell


An 8 hour event which ran in sync with the Apollo moon landing's activites.

After Manet - Malcolm Le Grice

After Manet

A dejuner sur l'herbe is simultaneously perceived from four different camera positions.

River Yar - Chris Welsby & William

River Yar

A two screen study of seasonal changes at the River Yar estuary on the Isle of Wight.

Lost Sound - John Smith and
Graeme Miller

Lost Sound

The retrieval and revival of discarded audio tape found on the streets of East London.

Mile End Purgatorio - Guy Sherwin &
Martin Doyle

Mile End Purgatorio

Words and signs taken from a row of shop-fronts are integrated with spoken words. A collaboration with poet Martin Doyle.

Black Magic by Ann course and
Paul Clark

Black Magic

Instructions on how to take advantage of the poverty stricken by prostitution.

Still from The Kiss by John Smith
and Ian Bourn

The Kiss

The forced development of a hot-house flower.

Diddykoy by Nick Gordon Smith and
Andrew Kotting


An ironic yet reverential view of a Gypsy horse fair in the 'wilds' of the English countryside.

Alien Broadcasting Corperation by Harold Offeh

Alien Broadcasting Corperation

ABC was filmed in a Charlie Chaplin adventure playground in Oval.

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