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Film as Film
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Working with film and video requires many degrees of collaboration.

Many film and video artists operating outside the established support systems of the mainstream film industry, have pooled their skills and knowledge to create alternative ways of sharing resources, facilities and support. Many collectives and co-operatives were formed out of necessity due to lack of funding. They provided production facilities but also worked to increase the visibility of their films and videos through distribution and screening networks.

Collectives have also formed out of the desire to realise ambitious and unusual screening events. Artists have relied on each other's help to accomplish complex multi-screen projections, or to stage provocative and out of the ordinary screening events.

On a more intimate level, the collaborative process can also provide a fruitful working practice for the individual, as the shared concerns of two or three artists come together to bring new perspectives to a collectively authored film or video work.

Still from Territories by the Sankofa group, 1984


Still from Contra Flow by the Housewatch group, 1992


Still from Black Magic by Ann Course in collaboration with Paul Clark, 2002


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