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Gender and Sexuality
Body Politic
Gender and Sexuality
Body Image
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Images of sexual desire and questions of gender difference have long been explored and challenged by film and video artists.

Approaches have varied, ranging from intimate, autobiographical accounts of desire to more formally constructed investigations into the look and image of sexuality in our culture.

The films represented here offer some different perspectives on the artists' bodies and their desires. Tea Leaf is a witty and personal tale of the queer experience and same sex desire while Delilah explores the ambiguity of gender through the androgynous image. In Swollen Stigma the symbolic language of the body and it's desires are suggested with rich colour imagery whereas Cate Elwes Menstruation II performance confronts our attitudes about the functions of the female body.

Artists also show desire through the use of suggestive and provocative imagery, in Michael Curran's performative video Amami de Vuoi, for example, or in Isaac Julien's visions of eroticism and illness in the video installation Trussed. In contrast, Sandra Lahire's short film Eerie offers a light hearted and flirtatious homage to gay love.

Still from Tealeaf

Tea Leaf

Projections of desire and place are carved into this nocturnal city.

Still from Swollen Stigma

Swollen Stigma

The interrelation of boundaries of self between two women.

Still from Menstruation 2

Menstruation II

Exploring the isolation of menstruation.

Still from Delilah


Delilah is a 'meditation on violence', love and survival.

Still from Eerie


Eerie is a vertiginous lesbian kiss in a mountain cablecar.

Still from Trussed


Trussed is a vision of eroticism and illness and the complexities that AIDS has wrought upon gay love and desire.

Still from Amami Se Vuoi

Amami Se Vuoi

Curran enacts a sexual fantasy in this touching, yet slightly unsettling piece.

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