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The Luxonline History section lists key events, places, people and exhibitions which have contextualised and contributed to the development of artists' film and video from the past century to the current day.

Each section is arranged into decades and by clicking onto dates highlighted with a picture icon a further page of in-depth information can be accessed about selected dates.

Thanks to Lara Thompson, Ingrid Stigdotter, James Harding, Russell Hedges and Marie-Anne Quay for researching and writing the history detail pages, and to the many artists, organisations and copyright holders who have granted permission for the use of their images. A particular thanks is due to the British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection for their support and the use of their invaluable resource on British film and video. Thanks also to Julia Holdaway for her help with image clearance.

Still from Battleship Potemkin

Still from Un Chien andalou by Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali, 1927

Dziga Vertov makes Man With a Movie Camera, USSR
'Beat' cinema with Pull My Daisy (Robert Frank/Alfred Leslie)
Kenneth Anger makes Scorpio Rising
Circles formed to distribute women artists' film and video.
Sankofa and Black Audio Film Collective founded, dedicated to developing a black independent film culture
Sign of the Times: A Decade of Video, Film and Slide-Tape Installations 1980-1990
The Artists Cinema at the Freize Art Fair 2005
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