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Film and Video Umbrella founded to commission touring programmes of artists work

The Film and Video Umbrella was set up by the arts council and run by Michael O'Pray to tour artists' film and video to galleries, cinemas and other venues across the UK. The touring programmes are packaged thematically, or centre on the works of particular artists. Film and Video Umbrella has benefited from a direct funding stream from the Arts Council. In this, its antecedents are the Art Film Tours of 1970-1972 and the Filmmakers on Tour project.

Since its foundation, the FVU has toured a diverse range of shows, which programmed historical works alongside the contemporary. As an indication of the diversity of output, as well as the preoccupations of the period, an incomplete list of FVU's programmes for the 1980s gives us: Of Angels and Apocalypse: Derek Jarman's Cinema (1985); A three part programme of British Video Art called Subverting Television (1985); Cordelia Swann's A Camera of One's Own, gathering together new films by women, and Heroic Times which juxtaposed early Soviet films, the French avant-garde in the 1920s and contemporary British film and video; a Junk Aesthetics programme, which brought together film and video works using found footage (1986); Rituals in Transfigured Time: The Films of Maya Deren (1988) and Inside the Pleasure Dome: The Magickal Worlds of Kenneth Anger (1989).

Tom Roberts

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Catalogue for the Junk Aesthetics show

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