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This site would never have been possible without the input of the Advisory Panel, the hard work of the team members and the dedicated and totally fabulous interns.

Lux Team

Benjamin Cook - Lux Director
Mike Sperlinger - Lux Distribution Manager
Jackie Holt - Distribution Assistant
Lynn French - Lux Finance

Luxonline team

Inge Blackman - Luxonline Project Manager
Lucy Reynolds - Luxonline Content Manager
Sarah Wood - Luxonline Content
Tom Roberts - Luxonline Technical Manager

Special thanks to Bernhard Frankel


Joseph Adamson
Mark Adams
Hussain Ali
Lene Anderson
Claude Antoine
Thomas Blunt
Anna Casper
Tyler Coburn
Emma Caddow
Marijntje Denters
Hannah Ellull
Sophie Ekwebel
Paloma Etienne
Michael Falzon
Amy Feneck
Carla Garcia
Maxime Giron
Caitlin Griffiths
Mark Hankins
Henriette Hansen
Hitomi Hasegawa
Emily Heath
Maude Hewlings
Julia Holdaway
Simone Hutchinson
Laura Kloss
Chloë Lambourne
Alexandra Lockett
Kiki Mazzucchelli
Aleck Morton
Meg Mosely
Jon Newey
Chrisaphenia Papagrigoriou
Lucy Parker
Ana Pereira
Patricia Pinsker
Matthew Reynolds
Rita Ribas
Denise Ricketts
Mohammed Rouf
Emilie Rowell
Yvonne Salt
Julia Scheele
Pierre Schmidt
Tom Scott
Camilla Trabjer
Asta Vaiciulyte
Kimona Ward
Richard Whitby

Advisory Panel

Dick Arnall
René Christoffer
David Curtis
Nicky Hamlyn
Matt Locke
Cherry Smyth
Felicity Sparrow
Catherine Williams

Luxonline team

Luxonline team 25th February 2004

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