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William Raban
Reflecting on both his early experiences studying painting at St Martins and his formative approach to filmmaking, William Raban has written "It was a time for experimentation where ideas were the driving force rather than preoccupations with style or the desire to simply put dazzling images onto the movie screen" ('Lifting Traces', Filmwaves, Spring1998)

If one theme remains constant throughout his work it is a commitment to this core idea and, as a result, trying to pin down Raban into easy categories of 'style' or 'period' is difficult and pretty pointless. He has been described, along with his friend and fellow artist Chris Welsby, as one of the finest exponents of the genre known as 'Avant-Garde Landscape' film working in this country. However, the breadth and diversity of his work beyond the early landscape films should not be neglected. From experiments in painting 'lifting traces' from nature to his most recent film and installation pieces, Raban engages with pushing the medium, holding on to the fundamental belief that "making films is about showing people things, not telling them how to interpret the world."

Poster of William Raban film show at Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh 1973
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