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Autumn Scenes

William Raban
20mins 30secs Colour 16mm

Autumn Scenes

I am motivated by the basic material quality of film:

the production of an illusion by a series of still images. The illusion of continuity does not constitute an adequate model for perception, which is manifestly less lineal and more fragmentary. A more representative model would seem to exist somewhere between the fragmentation (the still images on the filmstrip) and the apparent continuity of the screen projection.
The three parts of the film represent the fragmentary experience of perception by resorting to various forms of temporal and spatial dislocation. 'Concrete Fall' and 'Fergus Walking' (the first and second part) are both filmed from a moving viewpoint, and the camera movement is converted through simple editing and printing procedures to register subtle depths in space, the layering of planes between foreground and infinity. In the final section 'Packeted Passages' I filmed with two synchronised cameras and fused the two views, left and right, to produce a single disintegrated view of binocular space.

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