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At One

William Raban
20mins Colour 16mm

At One

A handheld camera dwells on the space of a kitchen.

A radio set in the foreground provides the soundtrack - programme announcements, weather forecast, time signal and news headlines. The camera is moved to a window which is opened to expose garden-yard enclosed by the backs of town houses. The following day the filming procedure was repeated, with the camera duplicating the patterns of movement established on the first take.
The two sequences are first presented in order as two separate 'chunks' of time and then they are presented as intercut sections. This latter stage of the film does not involve cutting and splicing together in the conventional illusionistic fashion. Instead the edits happen 'in-camera' during a process of refilming. The original two takes are thus seen one generation back, with the attendant loss of definition, increased grain and contrast, as a film of a film. This distancing of the film image gives added weight to the duration of each section of time. The film defies an interpretative view of the 'representing image' and demands to be experienced directly. (WR)

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