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No Place (Looking Back)

Sarah Miles
19mins 4 secs B & W/Colour Video

No Place (Looking Back)

King's Lynn and King's Cross stand at either end of the railway line into and out of London and, provide archetypal representations of the 'country' and the 'city.

Consisting of a dream like collage of images from both locations No Place was originally shown as two interrelated but separate companion installations.

An elusive collage in which real and fictional characters are in a kind of limbo a long way from home, No Place intertwines personal stories with cinematic resonances to wander and wonder how contingent our experiences are on what we have seen. SM.

No Place (Looking Back)
In No Place set in King's Cross, a transient Oz, a woman (Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz grown up into Madelaine/Judy from Hitchcock's classic Vertigo) looks back from the apparent sanctuary of a church. Following the Yellow Brick Road to a seedy hotel, the spirit of Dorothy is manifest in a multitude of incarnations leading to a curious intercession.

Transported from Kings Lynn to Kings cross by the cyclonic force of Miles' visual imaging the multiple Dorothy characters now played by different actresses segue into female characters from a number of of mainstream narrative films ranging from Judy/Madelaine from Vertigo ………..
Maria Walsh, No Place Catalogue.

(Note on the catalogue: The catalogue functions as a parallel space to begin to explore the web of associations underpinning the project.)

As a long term resident of Kings Cross I gathered material over the years and edited these fragments with 16mm scenes.

Shot on 16mm and DVCam
Lighting/Camera: Nic Gordon Smith, Executive Producer: Steven Bode & Maggie Ellis, Assistant: Lotta Petronella
Cast: Natalie Press, Natsume Shiroyama, Emily Hinks, Kirstie Richardson, Faye Castleton, Ann Larson.
Premiere: Courtyard Theatre, London, 2005
Nomination for Tiger Award, Rotterdam 2006
Nomination for Best Experimental Film, Syracuse Film Festival 2006

Stills: Ed Miles, John Miles

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