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Talk Israel

Ruth Novaczek
22mins Colour Video

Talk Israel

During the Gulf War I felt a strong desire to visit Israel for the first time, I'd been thinking about Zionism, and believed that current anti-Semitism is couched in anti-Zionism.

I went to Israel to see for myself, knowing that Israel is a mixed population, in every way, and hoping to find Israelis who weren't necessarily holocaust survivors, or Europeans, or warmongers, or heterosexual, or men. I needed to go and see Israel, to make sense of my Jewish identity, to explore beyond an anti-Semitic Europe, and with more than ambivalence because of the conflict and my sympathy with the struggle of the Palestinians. I didn't try to be a photo-journalist, or to offer a political argument. As a Jew facing the everyday reality of Israel's existence, I wanted to make a film; it is personal, experimental, and in no way does it claim to be a 'serious' documentary's one woman's wrestle with Zionism from a European/British perspective, and a real-life trip to a place made unreal by the Bible and the news bulletins. RN.

Re-edited in 2002 in response to developments in Isreal/Palestine.

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