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The Long Road to Mazatlán

Isaac Julien
20 mins Colour/Sepia 16mm to video
Triple-screen rear projection

The Long Road to Mazatlán

'A fantasia on the American Southwest that focuses with characteristic ambivalence on the social construction of masculinity in popular representations of that mythic landscape.' - David Deitcher

'The long Road to Mazatlán, a video collaboration between Isaac Julien and the choreographer Javier de Frutos, is a fusion of movie and movement, a dance of gazes. Shot in and around San Antonio, Texas, it mixes familiar images of the West - the cowboy, the cattle yard, the dirt road - with a more contemporary and homoerotic iconography, unsettling each one. A tale of frustration and loss, the work offers no prescription for stable identity or for the satisfaction of desire, but the sensuality of its images and form is hearteningly seductive.'

David Frankel, "Isaac Julien, The Long Road to Mazatlán", ArtPace, San Antonio 2000

Refer to Victoria Miro Gallery.

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