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The Other Side

Ian Breakwell
14 minutes. Looped for continuous projection. Colour

The Other Side

Created in response to the de la Warr pavilion, the work features panoramic vistas of ballroom dancers gliding with dreamlike fluidity on the pavilion balcony, silhouetted against the sea, the summer sun graduallly sets, darkness encroaches, night falls.

The continuous motion of the camera moving smoothly backwards and forwards on its track, coupled with the slow, haunting intensity of Schubert's music and the sound of the rhythmically lapping waves is intended to induce a hypnotic, trance like mood of disorientation in the viewer.

Throughout the thirteen minute video the sea sounds are like a low background to the music until the end of the sequences of sweeping camera pans when both sides of the projection wall fade to blackness as the music ends. The established mood is then shattered, by the roaring of the untameable ocean, rumbling thunder and screaming gulls. I.B.

The Other Side has recently been acquired by the Tate Gallery and will be showing from March from November 2004 at Tate Britain.

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