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David Critchley

David Critchley

Biographical details:

David Critchley was born in 1953. He studied at Stockport College, Newcastle Upon Tyne Polytechnic and the Royal College of Art, London. One of the organisers of the influential series of installations and media performances at 2B Butler's Wharf in the late 1970s, Critchley was also a central figure in the organisation of London Video Arts from its inception in 1976, and as manager between 1981-86. He taught video at the Slade, Chelsea and Croyden and was a visiting lecturer at many UK art colleges in the late 70s and early 80s. His video artworks were screened widely in the UK, in Europe, North America and worldwide. After LVA he formed and ran the video production company Greenstreet Ltd until 1991. Now an art teacher, his work combines video, photography and installations such as 'Cradle to Grave', a permanent exhibit in the Wellcome Trust Gallery at the British Museum made in collaboration with Pharmacopoeia-art.

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