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Cordelia Swann
Perfidia, a title chosen by Cordelia Swann for a video made in 2002, is also the name of a woman with no particular faith or allegiance.

As the soundtrack reminds us she is, like Marlene Dietrich in the film Morocco, a 'suicide', a 'one way ticket' who has stepped off the ship never to be seen again. In Swann's film, she becomes an 'itinerant and a tourist', immersing herself in a kaleidoscope of London sights and sounds which manage to allude to a multitude of experiences and beliefs but adhere to none in particular. The film is loosely wrapped around a narrative centred on the consequences of a fire at the protagonist's home, but that is just a ruse. She relishes as much the prospect of revisiting those life-saving firemen as ruminating on the angels occupying the different firmaments. For Perfidia, grounded in her immediate environment but always urging her mind to roam beyond, reality is a trigger for metaphor and the imagination.

Cordelia Swann (aka Perfidia), born in America 1953, has lived and worked in London since 1973.

Still from Perfidia by Cordelia Swann, 2002
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