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Breda Beban
6/15 mins Colour DVCAM


Touchdown was triggered by a note written by Cézanne: "The centre, where is the centre?"; Rainer Maria Rilke's 'Duino Elegies'; Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel; and by the word 'arrivals' which is Breda Beban's favourite word.

Touchdown comprises of five films showing portraits of women before, during and after orgasm; a series of photographs of airport chapels; a series of photographs of paths created in urban environments by repeated footfall; and a self portrait of the artist titled 'Beautiful Exile'.

The sound element for the film aspect of Touchdown is by composer Conor Kelly and is produced from recordings collected in Duino, Italy, where the films were shot by cinematographer Robby Muller. Muller is best known for his work with a number of influential directors including Lars von Trier and Wim Wenders.

Installation information:
The first staging of Touchdown was at the late thirteenth-century tower of St. Augustine's in London, Autumn 2003. Here the films were exhibited on plasma screens due to the limitations of the exhibition space. However, the films were originally conceived as wall projections.

Production and Direction: Breda Beban, Photography: Robby Muller, Editing: Steve Sprung, Sound script: Breda Beban, Sound: Conor Kelly
Cast: Breda Beban, Dubravka Cherubini, Cressida Lewis, Kati Lopez, Irena Rodic
Filmed on location in Duino, Italy
Commissioned by: Peer, Bloomberg and Henry Moore Foundation

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