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Too Early For Sorrow Too Late For Happiness

Breda Beban
45 mins Colour Sound

Too Early For Sorrow Too Late For Happiness

Ten years after the outbreak of the recent war on the territory of Former Yugoslavia and her own exodus from her home country, Breda Beban revisits her birthplace as Slobodan Milosevic's regime collapses.

Named after a Balkan folksong, Too Early for Sorrow Too Late for Happiness is a meditation on home and place, which documents the intensity of a moment when personal and social history collide.

The cinema-scale projection of her journey explodes with landscapes, characters and music, through which a picture accurse that is at once deeply personal, intimate, and politically charged. Beben's presence on stage and her commentary - by turns evocative and explicit - almost manipulates us to believe that a deliberate transformation of reality in front of our own very eyes is possible. But then, Beban's occasional hesitations, her voice cracking with emotion suggests otherwise - that for the dispossessed exiles movement and travel become an experience of displacement and dislocation, of survival, and of self-preservation.

Cast: Dragana Zarevac, Mima Marjanovic, Srdjan Saper
Narration: Breda Beban
Filmed on location in London, England; Belgrade and Novi Sad, Serbia

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