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Stories I Tell Myself

Breda Beban
90 min loop Colour Sound MiniDV

Stories I Tell Myself

Stories I Tell Myself is a recording of two genuine sessions involving the psychoanalyst Chris Oakley and Breda Beban.

The subject of the first sessions is money, the subject of the second is love. In both sessions the artist demonstrates a substantial degree of what in psychoanalytical terms is referred to as 'the nonsense of the patient'.

The two sessions were selected from numerous sessions which were all documented in the same cinematic style. The visual aspect consists exclusively of a continuous, static, close-up shot of the psychoanalyst who is listening.

The sound element extends document the event in its entirety. It is the artist/patient who does most of the talking. We listen to Beban's stories, but at the same time we see the psychoanalyst who is also listening. In this way, listening is counterparted with the observation of listening, the language meets its other in the silent openness of the visual image.

Production and Photography: Breda Beban
Editing: Steve Sprung
Cast: Chris Oakley and Breda Beban
Commissioned by: Film & Video Umbrella
Funder; Arts Council of England

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