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Little Films to Cry To

Breda Beban
42 mins 30 secs in total. Colour DVCAM/Super 8

Little Films to Cry To

In terms of genre Little Films to Cry Toare home movies, in terms of subject matter they are invested with tragic events and sadness, in terms of production they are happy accidents. In all instances, the title of the film is taken from the name of the song that features in the film. All films are produced, directed and filmed by Breda Beban.

Imagination is Funny,2002 super 8mm film & DV cam, 5 mins 20sec
cast: Breda Beban, super 8 mm footage filmed by Hrvoje Horvatic (1996)
Song by Jonny Burke and Jimmy van Heusen; vocals Chet Baker.
Filming location: Paris, France & Zagreb, Croatia

Together Again, 2003 super 8 mm film, 4 mins
Cast :Hrvoje Horvatic, song by Buck Owens; vocals Emmylou Harris
Still photography location: Adriatic coast, Croatia
Filming location: London, England

Angel, 2003, mini DV cam, 12mins 30 sec
Cast: Cressida Lewis, Catherine Dempsey and Sam Blunden
Song by Caroline Franklin and Sonny Sounders; vocals Aretha Franklin
Filming location: London, England

One Day in a Far-off Place Somewhere, 2003 mini DV cam, 4 mins
Composer unknown; vocals Lola Novakovic
Filming location: London, England

Monastic Calling, 2003, mini DV cam, 5mins 30sec
Cast: Zeljko Stojanovic, Dubravka Cherubini and Breda Beban
Song written and performed by John Surman
Filming location: Zagreb & the Adriatic coast, Croatia

Love Itself, 2003, mini DV cam, 6mins 30sec
Song written and performed by Leonard Cohen
Filming location: Island Ugljan, Adriatic coast, Croatia

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