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Anne Tallentire
Ten Days Performance/video cycle


Collaboration as work-seth/tallentire.

The improvisational working process deployed by seth/tallentire in trailer draws upon a vocabulary formed over the five years of the artists' collaborations. In this work they explore the relationship between the live action and the mediated image, the juxtapositioning of action, object, image, and the 'temporary coincidences' that occur during the working process in specific contexts.

The work, commissioned by Project, Dublin, approached the city as both site and material. At various locations in the city, identified by a process of chance, a series of actions were performed every day over a two week period. The actions that took place and were recorded on video each morning at the different locations were not available as a 'live' events (other than to the passer-by), but were represented as documentation in screenings at predetermined non-gallery sites each evening e.g. a library, garage, office stairwell, abandoned indoor market in the Liberties.

The key aspect of this work was the relation between video (in particular the immediacy of its process) and the conscious introduction of 'chance' into the working method. Sites in the city were chosen through a chance procedure and any activity determined by the materials at the sites.

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