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Family Odyssey Dialogue Script

IN A BEAUTIFUL CHILD a conversational portrait by Truman Capote Holly Golightly is Marilyn Monroe check this out..
TC meets Marilyn in the vestibule of the Univeral Chapel She had donned vaguely erotic high heeled shoes owlish black sunglasses that dramatized the vanilla pallor of her dairy fresh skin.. TC: poor innocent me and all this time I thought you were a bona fide blonde. Marilyn: I am But nobody's that natural and incidentally fuck you. Time 28 april 1955
Scene: The chapel of the Universal Funeral Home at Lexington Avenue an Fifty second St NYC. An interesting galaxy of stars .... pay tribute to Constance Collier the English born actress who had died the previous day aged seventy five. Born in 1880 Miss Collier had begun her career as one of England's principal Shakespearean actresses. . she became a coach and one of her pupils a neophyte she referred to as 'my special problem' Marilyn Monroe.
Oh yes Miss Collier reported to me there is something there she is a beautiful child I don't mean that in the obvious way. I don't think she's an actress at all not in any traditional way, this presence this luminosity this flickering intelligence- could never surface on stage. It's so fragile and subtle it can only be caught by camera. It's like a hummingbird in flight: only a camera can freeze the poetry of it. But anyone who thinks the girl is simply another Harlow or harlot or whatever is mad. Speaking of mad, that's what we've been working on together: Ophelia. I suppose people would chuckle at the notion, but really she would be the most exquisite Ophelia ..............
I was talking to Greta* last week and I told her about Marilyn's Ophelia and she said she could believe that because she had seen two of her films vulgar bad stuff but nevertheless she had glimpsed Marilyn's possibilities. You know that Greta* wants to make a film of Dorian Gray? With her playing Dorian of course. And Marilyn I really pray she survives long enough to free the strange lovely talent that's wandering through her like a jailed spirit.

Me Sing?Ophelia chanting snatches of old tunes MAMA ROMA arrives at the wedding of her pimp with a pig on a lead Acacia flower Sand flower mint flower Pumpkin flower
Why did BELLE DE JOUR make such an impact on you? The film had a special resonance I never forget her sitting on the bed in white bra and knickers it wasn't sexy but it made her look... I identified with her I thought I was her

'To be as beautiful as Elena is not a real gift in life she becomes a fantasy for men an object of desire and she is so young that she cannot understand why. You are made by the way people look at you' Catherine Breillat on A Ma Soeur

*Vanity Fair
A journalist visiting Greta Garbo at home discovered a whole other dimension to wanting to be alone when he dropped something. Looking under the sofa he found a family of trolls on his next visit he checks the family and they are still there although they have moved around some.

Sarah Miles
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