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tours Recomposing The Universe
Jackie Hatfield
A requirement of writing this tour was to focus on the artists and artworks on the LUX site. Whilst it centres on some of these artists, I have considered them relative to some of their contemporaries, to contextualise them a little. Histories have many narratives, and multiple discourses constitute any one moment; so that coming from a place of resistance to selective historicisation I imagine gardens of history, which enable more than one narrative to grow, a vista of possible stories rather than any one.

Therefore, in this context, I must make it clear that this story is a personal journey, and only a snapshot relative to my own practice. And as the inspirations and influences in my artworks and writing are non-linear and multi-formed, my tour is necessarily expanded, to include, as well as the focussed artists, other artists and works that have been important to me, and influential in the area of moving-image experiment I am working in. I describe the work I make as expanded digital cinema, sometimes it is participatory, sometimes computer augmented, always video and multi-screen. Very loosely, my influences include expanded cinema from the US, Canada and Europe; expanded and participatory video art; Experiments in Art and Technology (Kluver and Rauschenberg; EAT from the late '60's to date); proto-cinema and participatory and computer augmented installation. I am listing these to give a sense of cohesion for the discussion that follows.

Composite of participatory cinema Ghosts Becoming Visible by Jackie Hatfield 1997
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