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Anne Tallentire bibliography

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  • 1996
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  • 1990
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Catalogues and other Publications

Densité + 0, ENSBA, Paris: essays bu Caroline Ferreira d'Oliveira and Marianne Lanavère, Didier Semien and Christophe Cherix NGG 4038-39
Jo Wood, afterword, ‘The Well Book Project Dialogues’, Women Artists from Ireland, ed. Katy Deepwell, IB Taurus


Strike curated by Gavin Wade adjusted by Liam Gillick, Koenig Press.

Dispersal, (work-seth/tallentire), Orchard Gallery, Derry, essay Jaki Irvine, CD ROM written by Conor Me Feely performed by Locky Morris
Private Views, essay by Paul O'Neill, London Print Studio, London

Neue Welt, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt, essay by Nicolaus Schafhausen

Instances, Irish Pavillion, Venice Biennale essays by Jaki Irvine and Brian Hand
Resisting the Lullaby, Camerawork, London
From There to Here, (work-seth/tallentire), Konsthallen, Goteborg, essays by Henry Meric Hughes
0044, (work-seth/tallentire), PS1 Gallery essay by Peter Murray
Anne Tallentire, Monograph, Project Press, Dublin with essays by Jean Fisher, Sabina Sharkey and John Seth
Instances, Venice Biennale essay by Jaki Irvine, (Cultural Relations Committee, Dogbowl+Bones, Dublin)


Heteronumous: or an ambiguous journey through the self, Rear Window, London and Complesso Monumentali del San Michele a Ripa, Rome essays by Achille Bonito Oliva, Richard Appignanesi, Anna Maria Nassisi and Juliet Steyn
Anne Tallentire, Home 2. CD-Rom, Pink Ink film, London.

L'Imaginaire Irelandais, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris essay by Caoimhín, Mac GiollaLéith
Ceasefire: reflections of conflict, Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Exchange Resources, Catalyst, Belfast essay by Derval Fitzgerald and Karen Vaughan

Irish Days Two, Baltic Art Gallery, Ustka, Poland essays by Brian Kennedy and Sandra Johnston

Gracie Fields Live Art, Rochdale Art Gallery, Rochdale essay by Sharkey Sharkey
Resisting the Lullaby, Camerawork, London essay by Sabina Sharkey

Off The Map, Chisenhale Gallery, London, essay by Fionna Barber
Along the Lines of Resistance: Cooper Gallery, Barnsley, essay by Juliet Steyn

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