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Sequence magazine founded by Lindsay Anderson, Gavin Lambert, Karel Reisz and Tony Richardson

Lindsay Anderson, Tony Richardson, Karel Reisz and Gavin Lambert founded Sequence magazine in 1947 while they were students at Oxford University. Initially set up as the university's film society magazine, Sequence quickly gained both journalistic praise and a dedicated (if relatively small), readership for its enthusiastic, high quality reviews that concentrated predominantly on the art of filmmaking. By the time Lindsay Anderson left the university in 1948, the magazine's growing respect and influence meant that he was able to move Sequence to London where he remained its editor until the last publication in 1952.

During its five years in print, Sequence criticised the British cinema of the time for its lack of individuality and emphasis on realism, while championing what it saw as the more vibrant, imaginative and artistic films coming from the US and Europe. With its intensely critical, passionate and inclusive ethos, Sequence's young, energetic and knowledgeable editors and contributors anticipated the style of the famous French journal Cahiers du Cinema (founded in 1951). The quarterly magazine also influenced the 'Free Cinema' movement of the 1950s, whose members included Anderson, Richardson and Reisz, now directors themselves, and inspired a generation of British filmmakers.

Lara Thompson

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Cover of Sequence, Summer 1948

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