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The new century is marked by a final acceptance by the gallery system and art market that the moving image is a viable art medium. Following the demise of other centres for screening artists' film, such as the Lux Centre and the Video Positive festivals, film and video has come to increasingly take its place in the context of the gallery space. As new generations of artists turn to the moving image medium, a spate of recent retrospective exhibitions such as X Screen and Shoot Shoot Shoot indicate that it's histories are by no means forgotten.

Written and researched by Lucy Reynolds, Luxonline Content Manager.

Poster for the Artists' Cinema at the Frieze Art Fair, 2005

KEY EVENTS: 2000-present


Video Positive 2000: The Other Side of Zero, VPY2K

D-Net distribution showcase, the LUX Centre

3rd Pandemonium Festival, the LUX Centre

The LUX Centre is closed down

A new Lux organisation opens


Shoot, Shoot, Shoot exhibition begins international tour, Tate Modern

A Century of Artists Film in Britain opens at Tate Britain

The LUX Open shows work by contemporary British film and video artists, Royal College of Art

X Screen Exhibition, Museum of Modern Art, Vienna


Launch of Black World


The Artists Cinema at the Freize Art Fair 2005

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