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Film Locations
Nicky Hamlyn
Film Locations
It has been experimental film and video makers who have made works about the landscape itself, or used it to explore themes of personal history and cultural identity; home, belonging, longing, distance, alienation.

In the process filmmakers, suspicious of the authoritative role of commentary in documentary have re-examined the relationship between image and voice, or avoided it altogether. This has led, indirectly, to new documentary forms in many of the works discussed below.

The portrayal of landscape has also been combined with innovative filming procedures that redefine categories like experimental and narrative, as well as the relationship between the camera technology, its subject and the work that arises from this encounter.

In other words these films about place invariably constitute a meta-critique of documentary practices, the representation of space and place in film, and associated issues of truth, authorship, form and function.

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