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Sutapa Biswas screenings & exhibitions



Synaptic, Or Gallery, Vancouver, Canada.

Synapse, The Photographer's Gallery, London, and City Art Gallery, Leeds.


Murmur, The Western Front, Vancouver, Canada.


Synapse/To Kill Two Birds With One Stone, Plug In Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada. Co-commissioned new installation/performance with Locus +, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

Synapse, Gallerie OBORO, Montreal, Canada.

Murmur, Atlas Studio Space, London.


Sutapa Biswas, Untitled (Woman in Blue, Weeping), Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada. Video installation.


SUTAPA BISWAS, Recent works, and drawings by Joseph Turner and Edward Lear, Harewood House, Yorkshire, UK.

SUTAPA BISWAS, Recent Works, Café Gallery Projects, London, UK. (Touring exhibition. Also showing at Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham; Leeds City Art Gallery.)


SUTAPA BISWAS, Recent Works, the Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery, Reed College, Portland, Oregon, USA (touring exhibition).

Melbourne International Arts Festival, Australia

Elizabeth Leach Gallery, portland, Oregon, USA



ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art), London, UK. Housewives with Steak Knives, The Only Good Indian… and Story, in The Thin Black Line. Other artists included: Sonia Boyce; Lubaina Himid; Veronica Ryan.


Air Gallery, London, UK. Five large works shown, in The Issue of Painting. Other artists included: Glenys Johnson and Margaret Harrison. Touring exhibition.

The Elbow Room, London, UK. Blind Man's Bluff, in Unrecorded Truths. Other artists included: Donald Rodney; Sonia Boyce; Lubaina Himid.


ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art), London, UK. The Only Good Indian…, in State of The Art: Ideas and Images in the 1980s. Touring Exhibition, curated by Sandy Nairne, and shown as Channel 4 television series. Other exhibiting artists included: Joseph Beuys; Susan Hiller; Mary Kelly; Sigmar Polke; Cindy Sherman.


Camden Arts Centre, London, UK. Pied Piper of Hamlyn and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, in Critical Realism. Touring exhibition. Other exhibiting artists included: Susan Hiller; Stuart Brisley; Sue Coe; Ken Currie.


Usher Gallery, Lincoln, UK. Pied Piper of Hamlyn and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, in British Artists Abroad.

Chisenhale Art Gallery, London, UK. Housewives with Steak Knives, in The Essential Black Art. Other exhibiting artists included: Mona Hatoum; Keith Piper; Sonia Boyce.

The Photographer's Gallery, London, UK. Infestations of the Aorta-Shrine to A Distant Relative, in Intimate Distance. Other exhibiting artists included Mona Hatoum; Zarina Bhimji.

Leeds City Art Gallery, UK. Housewives with Steak Knives, in Images of Woman. Other exhibiting artists included: Artemesia Gentileschi; Roy Lichenstein; Giovanni Bellini; Richard Hamilton; Helen Chadwick.


Camerawork, San Francisco, UK. Disputed Identities. Other artists include: James Luna, Diane Thani.


Arnolfini, Bristol, UK. To Touch Stone, in The Circular Dance.

Vancouver Art Gallery, Canada. Fabled Territories, supported by the British Council.


Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada. Sacred Space in Memory and Desire, supported by The British Council.

Museum of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia. Who do You Take Me For? Major touring exhibition, supported by The British Council.

Herter Art Gallery, University of Massachusetts, USA. Synapse, in The Body Politic. Other exhibiting artists included: Ashley Bickerton; Kiki Smith; May Stevens.

Kunstlerwerkstatt, Berlin, West Germany. The European Photography Award. Touring to Frankfurt, West Germany.


Western Front, Vancouver, Canada. Murmur.


Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford.

Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK. Murmur, in Beyond Destination.

Feria International De Galerias De Arte Contemporaneo, Guadelahara, Mexico. Drawings and photographs exhibited in Expo Arte.


National Gallery, Botswana. Through Rose Coloured Windows.

Manchester Museum, Manchester, UK. Strange View, in Diver's Memories.

5 sites in London including St. Pancras Church, Euston Station, Wellcome Trust, University College, London, and Marylebone Road, London. Untitled (Woman in Blue Weeping), in The Visible and the Invisible: representing the body in contemporary art and society. Other exhibiting artists included: Vito Acconci; Louise Bourgouise; Bruce Nauman; Yoko Ono; Doris Salcedo.


Amos Anderson Gallery, Helsinki, Finland. Synapse in MAPPA. An Exhibition supported by the British Council.

University of Ethnography, Oslo, Norway. Frieze, in Cross-Currents/Krysinger, touring exhibition, sponsored by the British Council.

Franklin H. Williams Cultural Centre, New York, USA. Synapse I, in Transforming the Crown, 1966-1996, touring exhibition, USA.

Whitechapel Art Gallery, London. Untitled, in Krishna The Divine Lover.

6th Havana Biennial, Cuba. Synapse I, Synapse II, and Untitled Drawing, in the Sexta Bienal de La Habana - el individuo y su memoria, Havana, Cuba (exhibition catalogue published by the French Ministry of Culture), sponsored by The British Council.


Sheffield Museums and Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield, UK. Untitled, in Admissions of Identity.

Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, USA. Scarred Surface, Frieze and Untitled, in The Unmapped Body: 3 Black British Artists (a large exhibition of works by Sutapa Biswas, Sonia Boyce and Keith Piper), sponsored by The British Council.


Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest. White Noise and Synapse I, in Identity and Environment, sponsored by The British Council.

Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany. Frieze, Scarred Surface and Synapse I, in Crown Jewels. Touring to Berlin, sponsored by the British Council.


Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo, Norway. To Kill Two Birds with One Stone, in Art Through the Eye of A Needle. Other artists included: Yinka Shonibare; Ghada Amer; Lisa Lui.

2002-03 Tate Modern, London, UK. Untitled (The Trials and Tribulations of Mickey Baker), in From Tarzan to Rambo. Other artists exhibiting included Sonia Boyce.

2005 Royal Academy of Arts, London. Launch of Contemporary Patrons Group, March 17 2005. Birdsong. Other exhibiting artists included: Pipilotti Rist; Tracey Emin; Tony Ousler; Christian Marclay; Tim Noble and Sue Webster; Rose Finn-Kelcey.

3rd Clerkenwell Film and Video Festival, London, curated by Mahony, Emma (Hayward Gallery, London). Magnesium Bird. Other artists exhibited: Phil Collins; Doug Fishbone; Seamus Harahan; Hiarki Sawa.


The University of Leeds, Parkinson Gallery, Leeds. Migratory Aesthetics, curated by Griselda Pollock and Judith Tucker. Other artists include: Isaac Julien and Lubaina Himid.



Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada. Curator of Memory and Desire.


Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada. Curator of Private Thoughts/Public Moments

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