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Stuart Marshall
11 mins Colour Sound Video


Like Stuart Marshall's most recent film and video work, Pedagogue presents an exploration of gay issues at a specific historical moment - in this case a piece of government legislation passed in 1988.

His previous work has examined gay culture in Weimar Germany (Desire, British homosexuals during the Second World War (Comrades in Arms), and the hysteria surrounding the AIDS epidemic (Kaposi's Sarcoma and Bright Eyes).

Commissioned to produce a short video monologue, Marshall collaborated with performer and writer Neil Bartlett, whilst Bartlett was teaching Fine Art students. Firstly, the tape constructs and presents a person who is clearly indicated as a homosexual - revealed by his answers, his clothes (denim shirt, 501 jeans, black leather boots) and the contents of his bag, but at the same time a person who is an individual. Secondly, it ridicules the idea that this individual can promote his homosexuality to his students.

Pedagogue slowly unfolds into a witty - and frequently hilarious - riposte to the Conservative Government's Section 28 (a Local Government Act passed in 1988 to stop the expenditure of public money by local authorities to "promote homosexuality") by systematically trivializing and ridiculing its rulings. It also deconstructs the two establishment myths that homosexuality can be "taught" and is "infectious".

Between Imagination and Reality, ICA 1990.

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