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Stuart Marshall bibliography


Articles and Reviews about the Artist


Tom Johnson, 'Concerts in Slow Motion', Village Voice (30 Mar)


Richard Cork, 'Here's Looking At Yourself', Evening Standard (3 June)

Kevin Stephens, 'Newcastle', Music and Musicians (July)

David Toop, 'Live at the Film-makers Co-op', Musics No. 9 (Sept)


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Michael Griffiths, 'The Love Show', Time Out


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'Video Highlight', Village Voice (20 April)

J. Hoberman, 'Going Down in Rio', Village Voice (9 Nov)


Mick Hartney, 'Landscape/Video/Art: Some Tentative Rules and Exceptions', Undercut (Spring)

Carolyn Joyce Brown, 'Video Art', TransFM (10 June)


Jez Welsh, 'Video on the Rocks', Performance (Nov/Dec)

Cathy Courtney, 'Cross Currents', Performance (Nov/Dec)

Michael O'Pray, 'Cross Currents', Art Monthly

Andy Lipman, 'Revolt In Style', City Limits (14 Dec)

Michael Griffiths, 'Bright Eyes', Time Out (13 Dec)

Mike Dow, 'Bright Eyes', OUT (Dec)


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Christine Ross, 'Video '84', Parachute 37 (Dec./Feb.)


Edmund White, 'Esthetics and Loss', Artforum (Jan)

Martha Gever, 'Where We Are Now', In America (July)

Martha Gever, 'Pictures of Sickness: Stuart Marshall's Bright Eyes', October 43 (Winter)


John Lyttle, 'Circuit', City Limits (20 Oct)

Michael Griffiths, 'Echoes', Time Out (19 Oct)


Liz Kotz, 'Across the Sexual Divide', [SF] Independent (Oct)

Bay Area Reporter (22 Jun)

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Daily Californian (14 Jun)

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Nancy Shaw Vanguard, Can (Summer)

Fiona McGill, 'Desire' Guardian

'Desire', Tels Quels (Belgium) Mai


David Ehrenstein, 'Over our Dead Bodies', The Advocate (11 Sep)

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'Over our Dead Bodies', Gay Times (Jun)

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John Dunn, 'You're a poofta, what are you?', The Scotsman (1 May)

'Over our Dead Bodies', The Times (1 May)

'Over our Dead Bodies', Independent on Sunday (29 Apr)

'Comrades in Arms', The Listener (26 Apr)

Peter Goddard, 'Comrades in Arms', Toronto Star (18 Mar)

'Comrades in Arms' [SM's press-cuttings pack with press release, C4 logbook, Alan Beck The Pink paper, Daily Express, New York Native, Out Week, Village Voice, Night & Day, Variety, San Francisco Sentinal, San Francisco Bay Guardian, San Francisco Chronicle, Bay Area Reporter]

Cameron Bailey, 'Comrades in Arms', On a Trumped Up Charge - Two Video Films [Toronto 1990]


Nick James, 'Blue Boys', City Limits (7 Nov)

Catriona O'Shaughnessy, 'Blue Boys', Time Out (13 Nov)

Mansel Stimpson, 'Aids Activists', Whats On in London (13 Nov)

Mansel Stimpson, 'Aids Activists', Capital Gay (8 Nov)

Richard Bevan / Alan Beck, 'Aids Activists', The Pink Paper (17 Aug)

'Angry about AIDS', BMJ (10 Aug)

Rose Collis, Time Out (7 Aug)

San Francisco Chronicle (26 Jun)

'Stuart Marshall', Bay Area Reporter (20 Jun)

'Over our Dead Bodies', La Presse Montreal (11 Jun)

'Over our Dead Bodies', Sida À l'écran Le devoir (5 Jun)

'Over our Dead Bodies', San Francisco Bay Times (Jul)

'Over our Dead Bodies', La Stampa (5 Apr)


'Robert Marshall', City Limits (18-25 Jun)

'Robert Marshall', Observer (21 Jun)

'Blue Boys', Sunday Telegraph (21 Jun)

'Blue Boys', Times (20 Jun)


Rebecca Dobbs, 'Obituary' Independent (8 Jan) Drafts by Rod Stoneman, Isaac Julien, Alan Beck, Caroline Spry

Mike O' Pray, 'Robert Marshall', Arrows of Desire ICA Biennial

Articles and Reviews by the Artist


'Zones', Source Magazine 11


'The Video Show', Serpentine Gallery Guide


'The Image of Authority' (Pamphlet)

'Video Art the Imaginary and the Parole Vide', Studio International Video Art (May)


'Video Art, The Imaginary and The Parole Video', Studio International (vol.191 no.981)

'Alvin Lucier's Music of Signs in Space', Studio International (vol.192 no.984)

'Tracing, Trailing and Weaving', Musics No.20


'New Video Art', anthology, ed. Gregory Battcock, E.P.Dutton

'Identification and the Drives', Film Form (no.2)

'Lapsus', Studio International & LVA Catalogue

'Privileged View', LVA Catalogue

'Orientation Studies' (1+ 2), LVA Catalogue

'Fiery Romance', LVA Catalogue

'Excesses', LVA Catalogue


'Video: Technology and Practice', Screen (vol.20 no.1)

'The Image of Authority', in Eye to Eye catalogue for Tamara krikorian's exhibition at the Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh

'Reply to Richard Cork's reply to Tamara Krikorian's response to Cork's introduction to Artists' Video - An Alternative Use of the Medium' [Letter in Aspects]


'The Use of the Static', Fuse magazine (vol.4 no.3)

'Video/Technology: Television/Forms', Afterimage (no.8/9)


'The Heart of the Illusion: Installations for Three Video Monitors and Mirrors', Tamara Krikorian's exhibition catalogue, poster, and leaflet, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham


'Taxi Zum Klo', Undercut 3/4

'Video Developing Technology and Practice' [printed notes] Serpentine Gallery, London (February)


'Recent British Video', exhibition catalogue for The Kitchen, New York, USA


'Video Per Se' [The British Experience], London Video Access catalogue

'Video: from Art to Independence - a short history of a new technology', Screen (Winter)


'Video-From Art to Independence', Screen (vol.26 no.2)


'Artists' Tapes', I.C.A. Video Library Guide


'The Politics of Prejudice', Nursing Times (vol.83/ No.9)


Arts Council of Great Britain, major bursary, 1977

Arts Council of Great Britain, major bursary, 1979

Channel 4 television, 1984

Genlock, 1988

Channel 4 television, 1988, 1989

Still from Blue Boys (1992)

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