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Stuart Croft

Whilst producing and fundraising for his biggest-budget project to date, Croft took up the post of Tutor in Time-Based Arts at the Royal College of Art in 2004. At the same time, he made two lower-key works: Df Dmb Blnd (11 min, 2004) was a sci-fi parody set in the year 2070. It's another chat-up scenario, a psychic telephone conversation and Braille road movie rolled into one. He also began Several Small Fires (2005 - ongoing), commissioned by Flux magazine. In a series of thirty-second advertising sketches, over-the-top performances and clichéd pack-shots set out to sell invented brands of chocolate, insomnia pills and perfume.

Still from Df Dmb Blnd by Stuart Croft, 2004
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