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Stephen Dwoskin
78 mins Colour Video


A man's elderly paralytic, literally unspeakable monologue of pain and fury as he finds himself caught in the isolation of dependency and sexual loss.

In Oblivion an elderly man attempts to regain a certain equilibrium of desire as the women who he once loved surround his shrinking and shrieking mind with tantalising distain and pornographic voyeurism. They are both real and imaginary and appear, disappear, and suddenly come back to torment his memory. He is motionless and powerless to control even his fantasies, and in the confused, claustrophobic space the inner world of love and hate, death and life, loneliness and togetherness, and sex, all ambiguously collide as if they were torn out of time. His life becomes represented, not as remembrance, but of the traces and signs of an absence. Suggested by the book "Le Con d'Irène" by Louis Aragon.

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