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Moment Musical (Drobiazg Melodyjny)

Stefan and Franciszka Themerson
3 mins Black and White 35mm

Moment Musical (Drobiazg Melodyjny)

A visual interpretation of Maurice Ravel's Moment Musical, (Drobiazg Melodyjny) was commissioned as an advertisement for Wanda Golińska's 'fancy goods' shop

It was made for distribution as a short advertising film to be shown in cinemas before the main feature film. In it, Stefan Themerson wanted to introduce sound as an equivalent to the effects of light, space and motion. This followed on from the theories of sound and image which he had outlined in his treatise 'The Possibilities of Radio' (1928). There he wrote about optical music based on 'the play of melodies of light, shadows and colours' and the requirement for an 'abstract approach to reality' in order to create a 'radio-phono-vision'.

'The most beautiful Polish film (without exaggeration), from the viewpoint of both picture and sound, was an advertisement created by the Themersons for Golińska's baubles and trinkets. This one advertisement told the viewer more about the beauty of these bangles than if Golińska had advertised in the theatres a hundred thousand times and if, during all the intermissions in all the cinemas, one were to hear jingles proclaiming her merchandise endlessly.'

Seweryn Tross, 'Frontem do reklamówki' Dekada no 19 (1933) quoted in Janusz Zagrodzki, 'Outsiders of the Avant-Garde', Stefan i Franciszka Themerson, Visual Researches, Muzeum Sztuki w Łodzi 1981

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