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Apteka (Pharmacy)

Stefan and Franciszka Themerson
3 mins Black and White 35mm

Apteka (Pharmacy)

The film is a sequence of photograms in motion.

'In Apteka, for the first time a photogram, used previously only within art photography, was adapted to film.'
J.Migowa, 'Jak pracuje warszawska awangarda filmowa', Światowid, 18 Nov 1933.

'The lyrical value of the photograms constantly fascinated us, so we wanted to transfer them on to the screen and enrich them with movement. The method was simple; in 'normal' photograms 'objects' were placed on light sensitive paper. We 'arranged' them on translucent tracing paper, using a sheet of glass for support — the camera (an old-fashioned box with a crank) was placed underneath and pointed upwards with the light source situated above the glass. Usually, but not always, by moving the lights (frame by frame) we obtained movement of the 'shadows' and their 'deformation': the film (positive stock) white on black — was not copied and the original (black and white) acted as the negative.'

Stefan Themerson (1977) quoted in Janusz Zagrodzki, 'Outsiders of the Avant-garde', Stefan i Franciszka Themerson Visual Researches, Muzeum Sztuki w Łodzi 1981

First screened at the Polish Art Club, Polonia Hotel, Warsaw.

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