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Ron Haselden
From 1971 Haselden experimented extensively with film.

However he should not be considered so much a film-maker as an artist - a sculptor or an installation artist - using film as a medium.

'He is not a film-maker in the sense that one would immediately think of, but much more somebody who was using film in a curious, intuitive, physical way to create environments or to make installations.' (Stuart Brisley)

Haseldens fascination with the ephemeral explains in part his interest in film. Much of the film had a feeling of transience, and some of it was designed to be temporary. Haselden:

'At the end of the 70s and the beginning of the 80s a lot of sculptors turned to film, many of them making loops.'

The film work has a performance aspect, and may include live performers, or the live figure. A film piece may be rephotographed during a showing, the results being incorporated in subsequent showings.

Poster for Railway Trolley by Ron Haselden, 1973
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