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Michael Curran
'Live in fragments no longer. Only connect...'
E.M. Forster

'He wanted to put the pieces of ice together so that they formed a word but he could not remember what the word was.'
Hans Christian Andersen

Okay, get up and turn out the lights. Just you and your soft screen in a darkened room. Are you are looking through into another space? In the half-light, as the video streams, you imagine that Orpheus is about to lead you into the grotto. Don't look back! At the threshold you hesitate, feeling two contrary emotions: 'Fear of the threatening dark grotto, desire to see whether there were any marvellous thing in it.' If you were in a Cocteau film you would fall through the mirror right now, breaking the surface like Narcissus. In this realm of broken mirrors, kaleidoscopic reflections, shifting images you can make your own maps and connections. The thin film of the screen is the surface of representation. You can see yourself in it. In Michael Curran's work you may find representations of your mythic psyche, the dramatis personae of your subconscious, hauntings. Remember: 'All the characters and incidents portrayed here are purely fictional'.

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