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Where I am is Here

Margaret Tait
20min b/w 16mm/video

Where I am is Here

Tait's evocation of the city in winter.

"Starting with a six-line script (in 1963) which just noted down a kind of event to occur, and recur, my aim was to construct a film with its own logic, its own correspondences within itself, its own echoes and rhymes and comparisons, through close exploration of the everyday, the commonplace, in the city, Edinburgh, where I stayed at the time.

'Documentary' or 'record' of the city was not intended; I was using it rather as a vase offlowers or bowl of apples might be used forpainting a still life. That that very apple orbloom or street or swan remains is of course asort of record in a way, for those who see it likethat.

"The music, Hilltop Pibroch, by Hector MacAndrew, is a setting of my poem of that name, and is performed by Hector himself, on the fiddle, and by music-hall singer Lilane (Lilian Gunn) who accompanies herself on the pianoaccordion."

The seven titles within the film are:
Complex; Here and Now; Interlude; Crocodile; Come and see This; Out of this World; The Bravest Boat

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