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Margaret Tait
Tait was a keen cinemagoer throughout her life, and had a great interest and knowledge in other art forms.

She remained a champion of Jerry Lewis, with a French appreciation of his films. Her enjoyment of Variety Theatre led her to spotting Lilane, a solo singing act with an exceptional voice, seen on numerous occasions in the theatre in the Lex MacLean Shows of the 1950s and 1960s. It is Lilane who sings Hilltop Pibroch, with words by Tait and music by Hector MacAndrew, on the soundtrack of Where I Am Is Here.

Her films have a easy use of poetry, music and painting. She made several short animated films and later integrated sequences of animation into other films, often painting and working on the film stock, this can be seen particularly in Colour Poems and her last film Garden Pieces. Shortly before her death we were corresponding about a proposed programme exploring animation in films, and one of the films she suggested, Fiddle De Dee, by fellow Scot Norman McLaren, was included in the tribute screening at The Lux cinema in London after she died.

Still from Where i am is here by Margaret Tait, 1964
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