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Margaret Tait
Margaret Tait was born on Orkney on Armistice Day,1918 and died on Orkney in 1999.

She attended boarding school in Edinburgh, from age 8 to 16, followed by medical studies at the University. During the Second World War, she served at home and abroad in the Far East with the Royal Army Medical Corps. Post-war visits to France and Italy culminated in full-time study at the Centro Sperimentale film school in Rome. In the late 1940s, she worked in hospitals and undertook locum work at various places around the UK. Based mainly in Edinburgh from the early 1950's, she moved to East Sutherland in the mid 1960s. A few years later she settled back on Orkney. Her first film was made in 1951, and her last completed in 1998. Her one feature film, Blue Black Permanent, was made in 1992. She also published three books of poetry and two of short stories (one for children) in the space of two years between 1959 and 1960.

After the retrospective of her films at the 1970 Edinburgh International Film Festival her work started to be more widely seen, and known. In 1979 she chose to enter her films Aerial, Colour Poems, Place of Work and Tailpiece, for distribution through the London Film Makers Co-op. These films were soon joined by Hugh MacDiarmid A Portrait and, in due course, by Land Makar. Her determination, or persistence, as she would say, led to the making of over 30 films, mainly self financed.

Still from Colour Poems by Margaret Tait, 1974
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