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Your Lips 1

Malcolm Le Grice
Computer Generated

Your Lips 1

This is the first complete version of a film made from the output material of my computer work.

It again explores the perceptual situation but within a linear, and rhythmic form. The film is made from a short loop of 'computer drawn' piece of film, animating a series of concentric elipses, progressively superimposed upon itself in varying phases in the development of the animation. Like 'Spot the Microdot', this film is intended to allow the member of the audience to treat the film event as 'raw material' information, through which he can examine his own responses.

Technical details: the computer film material was produced directly as 16mm film on Stromberg Carlson 4020 Microfilm Plotter, linked with an Atlas Computer at Chilton (England), and programmed by me in Fortran, making use of sub-routines prepared by Paul Nelson for the plotter. M.L.G. 1970

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