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White Field Duration

Malcolm Le Grice
12mins Colour 16mm
Two Screen

White Field Duration

White Field Duration is a double-projection work.

It begins with a long section of clear film - a blank white screen. Scratches build up, not patterned into any figure but the result of a deliberate act of random scratching, coupled with the deterioration which has occurred through the film's previous screenings. This in itself is a reference to the work's history through the present condition of the material.

The second section of the film is refilming of the earlier blank screen and its scratches, coupled again with the scratches which have also built up on these pieces of film. The refilming is in no way considered as a 'transformational' technique, nor as a detailed examination of the abstract factors of the material. It is intended as a reference to the conditions and implications of the act of filming - carrying a record of one time and space to another time and space. By being directly related to the earlier, material experience of the film, the refilmed section allows the work to be considered entirely within the terms of a process whereby the scratches continue to build up physically as the film is watched. Malcolm Le Grice, Abstract Film and Beyond, MIT Press 1977, p148.

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