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Trials and Tribulations

Malcolm Le Grice
47 mins 25 secs Colour Video

Trials and Tribulations

Is a series of unconnected video works made over a long period.

Trials and Tribulations was started taking up the residue of material from the video diary that did not fit into the themes of Chronos Fragmented. I was stimulated by some isolated image or experience that seemed more-or-less self contained and would make short video 'poems' or 'songs'. Some are only one minute long. Out of the Crypt and Joseph's New Coat were originally included in this series but later incorporated into sections of the Cyclops Series. The dates used in this series is the date the work was first screened. The material was shot at any time between 1984 and the screening date and was modified in various 'trial' versions (this 'Trials' in the title) during the late 1980's and early 1990's. M.L.G. 2004.

Rape (3 Mins 1990) Is an early experiment with computer controlled editing. The source material is a landscape dominated by yellow flowering rapeseed.

Race (2 mins 20 sec 1993) Driving a lap or two at Monza through an early Atari based motor racing game, I skid off the track, rejoin it but drive in the opposite direction. Death as inconsequential..

Out of the Crypt (12 mins 1995) Based around encrypted video noise, olive groves and Niagara Falls most of this material has been incorporated into sections of Even a Cyclops Pays the Ferryman so this version is not now exhibited or distributed.

Joseph's New Coat (16 mins 1995) This work has been completely incorporated into the three screen version in the Cyclops Cycle and is no longer presented as a single screen work.

Warsaw Window (2 mins 1994) Viewing a busy square in Warsaw, going from observation to voyeurism, a fragment of romance. Who was he? who was she? where are they now? what of those lives we see but do not enter?

Cidre Bouche (1 min 20 sec 1994) A village festival in Brittany, the first cider pressing, fragments of Celtic music, treated as an old tinted postcard.

For the Benefit of Mr K (1 min 1995) For the Beatles and Franz Kafka. The song must be imagined, what has K's small house to do with the Trial or the Castle?

Balcony Water Colour (3 mins 1994) Electronic image transformation. Tactile camera movements through flowers and unexpected rain falling on the tropical pool.

Seeing the Future (1 min 1994) A woman passes through a Chinese market and looks into a crystal ball

Weir (1 min 15 sec 1993) An encounter with a small man-made waterfall, firstly seen as a sculptural form then in ultra close-up and slow motion of the movement of falling water

Prelude (1 min 30 sec 1993) Fragments of playing the piano with sound layered and intercut in parallel with oysters. The original footage for part of Digital Still Life re-cycled.

Digital Aberration (4 min, Video, Colour, 2004) A punishment for digital theory that the artist must programme -- every cheap visual effect in the editing package and a sound track made with free software from a corn-flakes packet -- apologies to Oscar for all the hours he spent at the animation table

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