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The Cyclops Cycle

Malcolm Le Grice
60 mins Colour Video
Three Screen

The Cyclops Cycle

The Cyclops Cycle (one hour three screen) is a video that has been made over a period of five years and is now complete.

It is not a single work but a series of seven short pieces using the same triptych format and exploring various aspects of repeating sequences, partial repeats, small differences in editing. The content varies between: entirely abstract, a requiem for the death of a father, a sound letter home, an homage to Piaget, the politics of media and Afghanistan, a tree, a train journey.

The sections are:

Still Life and Letter from Toronto (6mins 2000) A still life and a letter from Toronto!

Joseph's New Coat (16 mins 1998) Abstract colour fields, stripes and chevrons, a club or disco piece, sheer visual and musical physicality, nothing more but also nothing less.

Jazzy - Jazzy - Jazzy (4 mins 2001) Influenced by Swiss psychologist Piaget, not a documentary, puzzlement at how a child constructs a sensory reality, constructing the look, making sense.

Neither Here nor There (6 mins 2001) Afghanistan as seen on TV but ultra close-up, touching the screen. Not about Afghanistan but about not being able to be about Afghanistan, the spectacle of war at a distance, creating a resistance to TV lies and truth, sceptical not cynical.

Even the Cyclops Pays the Ferryman (17 mins 1998) An allegory for the passage from being alive to being dead, the continuing life of others beyond, the re-construction of physical energies from physical decay. The cyclops is the one-eyed father, the one eyed king in the land of the blind, the single lens of the camera, three screens beyond steroscopy.

Cherry (2 mins 2003) Spring and a cherry tree in flower.

Travelling with Mark (6 mins 2003) Digital manipulation of video shot on a train journey from Berlin to southern Germany with Mark.

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