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Love Story 3

Malcolm Le Grice
10mins Colour
Film performance

Love Story 3

A person walks backwards and forwards across two white screens casting a shadow, later his actual shadow is joined by pre-filmed shadows performing the same actions.

Gradually the actions within the film deviate from what is directly possible for the shadow cast by the person in real TIME/SPACE, but the two 'realities' are kept closely relatable as references to each other. M.L.G. 'Real Time/Space', Art and Artists, Dec 1972.

Formal exploration of the time space situation of the movement of a real person across two screens.. The delay between screens of the shadow, based on the distance apart of the projection up of expectancy of re-appearance of the shadow..flicker in places makes perceptual white shadow..interplay of real shadow with same actions of filmed shadow..edited to construct new time space expectancy..M.L.G

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