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Horror Film 1

Malcolm Le Grice
14mins Colour
Performance with slide projector, two film projectors.

Horror Film 1

All are superimposed on each other with the projectors aimed from different angles. The superimpositions create a continually changing colour light mix. I interrupt the beam with a series of formal actions creating a complex set of coloured shadows. The final section involves focusing a pair of skeleton hands onto the screen in relationship to my own hands. The intention with this as with my other shadow pieces, is to build a complex visual experience out of simple and readily available aspects of the projection situation. M.L.G. from 'Real Time/Space', Art and Artists Dec 1972.

One of his most simple, most classical, and also most ecstatic pieces. Jonas Mekas, Village Voice, Oct 11th 1973.

More recent versions of Horror Film 1 have been performed without the final section containing the skeleton hands and with the use of three projectors.

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