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Malcolm Le Grice bibliography

Writings on the Artist

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  • Interview: Maxa Zoller with Malcolm le Grice, Michalka, Matthias (ed) X-Screen: Film Installations and Actions in the 1960s and 1970s,Exhibition catalogue Museum Moderner Kunst, Wien 2004

Books or Sections in Books

  • Hallas, John, Computer Animation, Focal Press 1974. pp 161-168
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  • Experimental Cinema in the Digital Age, BFI Publications, London 2001 Buy from

Main theoretical essays

  • Outline for a Theory of the Development of Television, Cinemantics Number One, January 1970
  • Thoughts on Recent Underground Film, Afterimage no 4. Autumn 1972, pp 78-95
  • Real time/space, Art and Artists December 1972, pp 39-43
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  • On the Flicker by Tony Conrad, Structural Film Anthology (op cit) pp 135-136
  • Stan Brakhage and Malcolm Le Grice Debate, Cinema News 78,3/4, 1978 pp 3-4 and 18-26. Full transcription of public debate between Brakhage and Le Grice, Boulder Colorado December 1977
  • Letters, Peter Gidal and Malcolm Le Grice, Millennium Film Journal, Vol 1 No 2, Spring/Summer 1978, pp 50-57
  • The History We Need, in Film as Film Hayward Gallery Exhibition Catalogue, June 1979, pp 113 - 117. Reprinted in British Avant-Garde Film ed. Michael O'Pray, Arts Council/ University of Luton Press, 1996.
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  • Towards Temporal Economy, Screen Volume 20 3/4 Jan 1980, pp 58-79
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  • Narrative Illusion vs Structural Realism, Malcolm Le Grice and P. Adams Sitney, Millennium Film Journal no 16/17/18 Fall/Winter 1986/7, pp 309-327. Full transcript of a public debate between Le Grice and Sitney held 19 Dec 1977.
  • The Implication of Digital Systems for Cinema Theory, Conference Papers for Im Off Der Geschichte, Vienna October 1990 and in Interfaces - Image - Texte - Language pub. Pole de recherche international sur les medias (PRISM).
  • The Place of Theory in Practical Art and Design, conference paper MATRIX 2 London Institute March 1993 publised by DALI 1994
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  • Virtual Reality Tautological Oxymoron, in New Screen Media - ed. Rieser, Zapp. BFI Publications, London, 2002, pp 227-236.

Publications as Journalist/Critic

  • 1977-1982 Monthly review and critical column for Studio International. Other critical reviews published in: Kosmorama (Denmark); Interfunktionen (Germany); Museum Journal (Holland).
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