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Notes from Light Music

Lis Rhodes
25mins Colour / B & W 16mm

Notes from Light Music

William Raban writes in Perspectives on British Avant-Garde at the Hayward Gallery, 1978

- "One section was filmed from a video monitor that produced line patterns on the screen that varied according to the sound signals generated by an oscillator; so initially it is the sound which produces the image. Taking this filmed material to the printing stage, the same lines that produce the picture are printed onto the optical edge of the film; the picture thus produces the sound. Other material was shot from a rostrum camera, filming black and white grids, and here again at the printing stage, the picture is printed onto the film soundtrack. Sometimes the picture 'zooms' in on the grid, so that you hear 'the zoom', or more precisely, you hear an aural equivalent to the screen image." This version of LIGHT MUSIC is single screen, B & W and colour, lasting 25 mins.

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