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Laura Mulvey & Peter Wollen bibliography

Laura Mulvey: Bibliography


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Associate Editor, October, MIT Press, New York

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Advisory Editor, Altantica

Editorial Board, Framework

Editorial Board, Film Studies

Panels and Juries

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Artists' Film Sub-Committee, Arts Council of England

Jury member, Toamina Film Festival, Italy

Jury member, Oberhausen Film Festival, Germany

Advisory Board, John Logie Baird Centre for Film and Television, Strathclyde University, Glasgow

Film Production Committee, Arts Council of Great Britain

Research Advisory Committee, British Film Institute

Council for National Academic Awards, London

Jury member, Jay Leyda Book Award, Anthology Archive, New York

Advisory Panel for Artists' Film and Video, Arts Council of England




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Selective Retrospective at the Cinémathèque, Vancouver, with Q & A.

20th Anniversary Screening, Riddles of the Sphinx, at the Lux Cinema, London.


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Feature Films:


Penthesilea, written and directed (with Laura Mulvey), produced by Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen.


Riddles of the Sphinx, written and directed (with Laura Mulvey), produced by the British Film Institute.


Crystal Gazing, written and directed (with Laura Mulvey), produced by the British Film Institute.


The Bad Sister, written and directed (with Laura Mulvey), produced by The Moving Picture Company for Channel 4 Television.


Friendship's Death, written and directed; produced by the British Film Institute.

Short Films:


AMY!, written and directed (with Laura Mulvey), produced by Modelmark Limited, for Southern Arts.


Frida and Tina, written and directed (with Laura Mulvey), produced by Modelmark Limited, for the Arts Council of Great Britain.



Reading the U.S. Press, devised (with Manuel De Landa) and directed; Cable TV for Paper Tiger Television.


Full Cycle, Personal arts documentary on Komar & Melamid, devised and directed for Channel Four TV.


Images of Atlantis, Personal art documentary on Milton Rogovin. Directed for Channel Four TV.



Reading the U.S. Press, devised & directed by Peter Wollen for Paper Tiger, cable/satellite TV, New York.

Welcome Aboard Soyuz!, devised and directed multi-screen video installation, Palladium Club, New York.


Some Uncertain Signs, devised and directed animated pixelboard for Electromedia, Toronto.


Full Cycle by Peter Wollen on the art of Komar and Melamid; devised and directed by Peter Wollen (for Channel Four TV).


Images of Atlantis on the photography of Milton Rogovin; devised and directed by Peter Wollen (for Channel Four TV).


Auteurship and Beyond, Video-Interview by Peter Bloom, filmed in Vancouver.

Here and Elsewhere, 2-channel DVD projection work created and directed by Kerry Tribe. Series of unrehearsed questions directed by me (Offscreen voice) towards my 10 year old daughter, Audrey Wollen, who responds on camera with her replies.

Gene Kelly: Anatomy of a Dancer, video cassette containing interview with Peter Wollen, WNET, New York with Turner Entertainment.

Auteurship, Propp, North by Northwest, cassette: film and tape-recorded interview with Peter Wollen, March 22.



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