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The Perfect City

Keith Piper

Two Screen Video Installation

The Perfect City

The Perfect City embodies the chronicler through the narrator.

'Benjamin describes the chronicler as the medieval precursor to the historian, who interpreted the world through 'the divine plan of salvation' unlike the historian who is striving for 'accuracy' and 'explanation'. In the film, the narrator recounts his task of designing a city as a cautionary tale. The narrator is the artist, glimpsed in the opening shot. He builds, literally, a city out of card printed with medieval architectural illustrations, while he contemplates the implications of the city as a poetic device. Other visual references skip through time: such as a Breugel painting of the Tower of Babel, contemporary commercial skyscrapers, and digital architectural drawings. Piper's earlier installations A Ship Called Jesus and the Exploded City are both reworked here to powerful effect, although this film is more compact than the former's installation based form and more filmic than the latter. In The Perfect City the collage has given way to montage and the viewer experiences the unfolding of thoughts through the imagery, sound and narration of it's essayist film form.'
Rachel Garfield, Luxonline artists profile

The Perfect City is both a two screen video installation. The Perfect City (Second Space) comprises vitrine with neon strips, glass shelf and mixed media research objects and wall based panels.

Shown at PM Gallery & House, London, June-August 2007.

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